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Dates : 9-10 December, 2019

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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HOMELAND SECURITY EXPO is an international exhibition for Defence, Internal Security, Public Safety and Crisis Management. The exhibition is going to be held in Dhaka for the first time citing the Forces Goal 2030 and obsolete technology and equipment with Defence, Paramilitary and Police Forces. It will bring the International Companies to display their latest and modern technology in the field of Air Defence, Boarder Management, Cyber Defence, Police Modernization, Surveillance, Tactical Communication and Equipments, Radio and Wireless, Fire Arms, Drones and Unmanned Systems, Counter Terrorism Technology and Products, Forensics, Disaster Management, C4ISR, CBRNe, Night Vision, Optics and Optronics, Boats, Coastal Patrol and Guarding, Early Warning Systems, Fire Safety and Access Control, Digital & Mobile Forensics etc.



Manufacturers of land, sea and air defense equipment including weapons systems, missiles, tanks, guided weapons, vehicles, vessels, satellites, telecom & electronic defense equipment. Manufacturers of fire control systems & launchers plus other relevant military, police and internal security technology, systems and hardware. Manufacturers of physical security products such as CCTV, access control & electronic security devices. For a detailed profile of exhibits, please see below:

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  • Defense ↓

    • Armored Fighting Vehicles
    • Amphibious Systems
    • Air & Maritime Surveillance Systems
    • Ballistics and other bullet proof solutions
    • CBRNE Defense Systems
    • Civil Defense Equipment & Systems
    • Command, Control & Communications Systems
    • Counter Terrorism & Internal State Security Systems
    • Disaster Management Systems
    • Electronic Warfare Systems
    • Explosives & Ordnance
    • Frontline Healthcare & Evacuation Systems
    • Guided Missiles and Weapon Systems
    • Helicopters, Tanks & Military Aircraft
    • Land, Air and Sea Defense and Surveillance Systems
    • Logistics & Reconnaissance Vehicles
    • Naval & Air Force Platforms
    • Optics, Night Vision & Optronics
    • Protective Gear & Equipment
    • Radar Systems & Launchers
    • Safety, Survival & Rescue Systems
    • Security Systems
    • Small Calibre Weapons, Long Range Rifles, Shotguns and other Firearms
    • Special Forces Equipment and Tactical Gears
    • Border Surveillance Systems
    • Training & Simulation
    • Unmanned Vehicles – UAVs, USVs, UUVs, Drones and RPVs.
    • Weapon Systems
  • Police & Civil Defense ↓

  • Internal Security and Policing

    Policing Knife | Binoculars | Visual, audio police cab transmission | Sirens and Lights | Mics and Micro phones | Surveillance device | Tracking device | RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System | Airport police equipment | Seaport police equipments | Monitors and CCTV and their integrator and Installer and many more.

  • Fire, Disaster & Rescue

    Fire Equipments

    Fire Alarm Systems Equipment | Fire Pumps | Fire Appliances | Fire Suppression System | Fire Vehicle and Ancillary Equipment | Fire Doors | Aircraft and Airport Fire Protection Ship and Shipyard Fire Protection | Branch Pipes | Nozzles | Monitors | Breathing Apparatus and Supplies | Fire Protection Clothing  | Fire Blanket | Ammunition Depot Fire Protection | Smoke Detectors | Parameter Control Fire Detection System | Communication Equipment | Compressors, Pumps | Cutting and Rescue Tools | Decontamination Equipment | Extinguishers Flood Lights | Gas Detectors | Ordinance Stores Fire Protection | Automatic Sprinkler Systems | Deluge Walls and Water Spray Systems | Fire Proof Wirings & Fittings  |Airbag Guard Equipment | Hose Equipment and Hose Reels | Ladders | Marine and Medical Equipment | Oil/Chemical Spill Equipment | Passive Fire Protection | Petrochemical and Refinery Protection | Emergency Aid Equipment | Fire proximity suits | intense proximity suits, Industrial suits | Hydrants systems | Fire strolleys | Installer | Escape Gear and many more.

    Rescue Equipments

    Life Detector | Life Saving Products | Battery Rescue Equipment | Power Packs | Hydraulic lifting Equipment | Hydraulic Rescue Equipment | Rescue Boats | Rescue summing Suits | life Jackets | Throw bag | Survival Craft Transceiver | Ship Security Reporting System | Ship Security Alert System | Satellite emergency notification device | Police Search and Rescue Knife | Personal Rescue Enclosure | RECCO | Panic button | Mountain Locator Unit | Escape chair | Escape pod | Firearm (tool) | Marine VHF radio | Flare gun | GPS system | Hydraulic rescue tools | Litter (rescue basket)| Extrication Device | Long spine board | Rescue ropes, belts, | Search and Rescue Dogs(German shepherds, Rottweiler, Dobermans, mutts, labs, bloodhounds) | Personal locator device and many more.

  • Traffic Control and Support

    Traffic Police Uniforms | Boots | Emergency roadside telephones and communication systems | Emergency vehicle equipment | Crash cushions and cones | Safety clothing | Intelligent speed adaption systems | Speed Radar systems and detectors | Traffic Mirrors and Traffic Signal controllers | First aid medical Equipment | Road Hazard warning lights, signaling, equipment | Warning systems | Traffic detection and tunnel monitoring systems | Road and Traffic Management consultant | Road and safety training institutes | Health and safety management consultant | Direction and indication rods | Traffic lights and poles | Road Making System | Boom Barriers and Bollards and UVSS | Traffic Control and Support Systems | CCTV | Speed Detector equipment and System Sirens | Number identification system | Alcohol Identification systems | Wireless communication Systems | Road Construction Contractors | Airport and Seaport traffic control system | Airport and seaport lights and Equipment | Software installer and networking system and many more.

  • Forensic & Investigation Technology

    Forensic Lab Equipments and Technologies | Investigation Equipments

  • Logistics

    Vehicles | Armed Vehicles | Car Radar for Police and Army | Transportation | Ambulances | Fire Brigades | Cargo | Special Vehicles for Riots and many more.

  • IT & Communication

    GPS | Access Control System | Surveillance system | Community Radio | CCTV Integration | Video and Audio transmission | Magnetic Senor | Crime and Criminal Tracking System | Narcotic Detection System | Frequency Scanners | Voice Loggers | Bomb Detection System | Direction Finder | VHF mobile Jammers | Explosive Vapor Detectors | GIS Mapping | IED Jammers | CCTV | IP Cameras | Thermal Security Cameras | Eight Zone Security and fire control panel | X-ray presence Machine | Human Presence Detector | Life Detector | Lock Opening Tools | Mobile Diving and Under Diving System | Sub Sea Rescue System | Under Water Detector | Communication Software | Wireless Equipment | E- Commerce Automated Finger prints identification System | IVS Systems | Network Video and Audio server/Decoder | Alarm Management System | Telecom Analysis System | Signal Jammer | Signal detector and Hacking system | Forensic DNA Equipment | Radar | Lie Detector | Note bundling Machine | Panic Switch | Office Automation System | Cash Van Alarm | High rise Hydrant System | Metal Detector | Paper Shredders | Information Security systems | Metal and Drug detection | Emergency Lights and Rechargeable batteries | Wireless Investigation and Evidence | Physical Access Control | Photo ID Systems | Face Reorganization | Biometrics | Physical & Logical Access | IRIS Based Access | Visitor Management System | Time & Attendance and many more.

  • Welfare Sports and Healthcare

    Energy Nutrition | Gym Machine | Energy Supplements | MediKit | Life Detector | Breathing Apparatuses | Medicines Supply center | Cardiac Drug Pack | Oxy Pack Plus | Pouch Board | Centre Board Paramedic Rapid Response | Psychological Test Instrument | Skin Temperature Sensor | Health care Institute | Food and Vegitables Suppliers | Veterinary Doctor and Institutes for police Dogs and Horses | Sports goods and Services | Medals | Awards | Training Coaches | Housing Agencies | Retirement plans and welfare schemes and Insurance companies | Publishers (Magazine, Journals, Book) etc. and many more.

  • Firearms and Ancillaries

    Latest Lethal Weapons | Non Lethal Weapons | Sniper Rifles | EOptic Solutions | Ballistics


The exhibition is open to international military personnel and focused on top-ranking officers from the Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Para Military and Civil Defense Forces of various Asian Countries. Invitations will also be sent to Chiefs Customs, Prisons, Coast Guards, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security and other government and private security associations, chambers, embassies and other organizations.


Forces Goal 2030 is a long-term modernisation program for Bangladesh Armed Forces. Its main purpose is expanding the force size, acquiring modern war-machines and providing next level training. The goal also emphasizes developing indigenous defence industries.

Bangladesh has announced a 2018-19 Defence Budget of BDT290.66 billion (USD3.45 billion). The 2018-19 defence budget also amounts to 6.2% of total annual government expenditure and about 1.3% of GDP. The new military budget allocates BTD11.52 billion for “development expenditure”, including military acquisitions.

Due to Strategic Location of Bangladesh on the global map, specifically in the Asian region, it holds a distinct position in terms of trade and regional peace.

Modernization of Police Forces is another pivotal reason where Police Forces of the Bangladesh are highly out of modern weapons, technologies and training to combat the modern era organized terrorism.

Modernization of Paramilitary Forces is also undergoing process where country is focused which will be part of the capacity building.

About Bangladesh:

With Total area of 1,47,570 sq.km. and a coastline of 710 km (Aprx) Bangladesh is one of the key country of the Asian region. It has a population of 160.8 million (as on July 2016), making it one of the densely populated countries of the world hence projects important destination of business.

GDP total:
USD $274 Billion (FY 2017-18)

GDP growth rate (%):
7.86 (2017-18)

International reserves:
USD $32.94 Billion (June 2018)

Total exports:
USD $36.67 Billion (FY 2017-18)

GDP per capita:
USD $1751 (2017-18)

FDI Inflows:
USD $2.151 (Net) Billion (June, 2018)

USD 1 = BDT 83.72 (28 June 2018)

Total imports:
$54.46 Billion (FY 2017-18)

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